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Qiim is an African inspired casual clothing line run by designer Céline Faty who is originally from the French Caribbean.

Prior to her fashion career, Céline was a singer for over 20 years, touring all around the world. While she was touring in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, she felt inexplicably attracted to the amazing colors of the printed fabrics that the local women were proudly wearing and she bought several of them, just for their beauty. This came at a time when she was ready to change her professional career and it gave her the inspiration to delve into fashion. As a result, in 2011, she created QIIM, a unique “African-inspired” clothing line.

Through her journey as a fashion designer, Céline met her husband, a Senegalese man, who first fell in love with one of her most popular accessories, “The ethnical scarf” (a scarf beautifully hand knitted, combined with wax prints). Since then, Qiim became a small family business. 

Céline is also an author, a motivational speaker and a mother of two children. She decided to settle down in Copenhagen in 2013 with her family with whom she shares her love of art.

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