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Hi , I am Céline a “Mummy entrepreneur”, originally from the French Caribbean, who now lives in Copenhagen. My business is as equally demanding, as being a mother. It’s always rewarding to see the fruits of your hard work develop into something people really value.

I have always been fascinated with African tradition and culture. I fell in love with the vibrant and colourful prints after visiting The Ivory Coast in 2009. As a result, in 2011, I created QIIM, a unique “African- inspired” clothing line.

Through my journey as a textile designer, I met my husband, a Senegalese man, who first fell in love with one of my most popular accessories, “The ethnical scarf” (a scarf beautifully hand knitted, combined with wax prints)

Then a couple of years later, when I embrace motherhood, I extend my creativity to baby accessories. The diversity of the fabrics allowed me to be inspired:  Babies love to be stimulated visually, so my goal is to provide beautiful high-end pieces, that combine the useful to the pleasant, it’s such a versatile fabric!

It is really important to me to have direct feedback from the buyers. I love the idea to create something unique and accurate for every one of my customers, the delight on someone’s face from both choosing a gorgeous fabric and seeing the end results, is one of the joyous parts of what I do .

Thus the handmade option was born. It allows me to personalize the item to the customer.

I work in a non smoking, pet free environment.

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